Child Evangelism Fellowship South Africa

5-Day Club

How can we reach boys and girls for Jesus Christ who do not come to Sunday School or Good News Club or children's meetings? One of the ways in which CEF can be effective in reaching them is through the 5-Day Club Ministry.

A 5-Day Club is five meetings held in the open air, each day for one week at the same time and place. Unreached children will often have a fear of going to a church building so we must follow the Lord's example and go to where the children are. There are many possible locations for open air meetings. These include parks, beaches, open spaces beside houses, gardens, camping grounds, and caravan sites, even in homes, especially in areas where it often rains. Why not open your garden and ask us to come?

Around the world, 5-Day Clubs have been the ministry which has allowed thousands of young people to become involved in child evangelism. Before they become part of a 5-Day Club team they are trained in every aspect of the program. Christian Youth In Action is a ten days course that will be presented in different locations all over South Africa. The young people can experience in-depth training which includes lectures on preparing a Bible lesson, teaching a Bible lesson, counseling, follow up and a host of other subjects relating to children's evangelism.

team_practiceThere are also training held in our different areas for the volunteer teams who have the burden to reach the unreached child. The program includes Bible lesson, choruses, memory verse and quiz lasting between forty to fifty minutes. As a result of this ministry boys and girls have found Jesus Christ as their Saviour. In South Africa churches have been established as a result of boys and girls being saved at a 5-Day Club.

Ready-to-use programs and sets of materials are available. For more information about 5-Day Club materials click here.

If you would like to help us in our 5-Day Club ministry or if you would like to attend the Christian Youth in Action Course, please send us an email with "5-Day Club Volunteer" or "Christian Youth in Action Course" in the subject line, giving us your name, address and church connection and we will be in touch. To email us click here.

Alternatively, you may want to contact your local CEF worker about this. To find your nearest CEF worker click here.